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  • National committee members were popularly elected for five-year terms of office.
  • The new constitution has a popularly elected president who serves a five-year term.
  • Each official is popularly elected to serve for a three-year term.
  • They have been renamed over time but many are still popularly known by their old names.
  • The theme song became well known popularly during the show's run.
  • Today, the city government consists of a popularly elected mayor and a ten-person city council.
  • It consists of three popularly elected members who hold staggered three-year terms.
  • The president serves as the head of state, and is popularly elected for single five year terms.
  • It is more popularly known as the, after its primary object of worship.
  • It was his first book aimed at the general public, and is his best popularly known work.
  • The city council consists of seven members popularly elected every four years with staggered terms in office.
  • It is popularly believed that he died of a broken heart.
  • He is popularly said to have been extremely tall and well built, almost a giant.
  • Greater powers given to the House of Representatives because it is popularly elected.
  • He is popularly regarded as the eldest son, though some regard him as the second son.
  • The child would eventually become the first popularly elected Senator in United States history.
  • They are popularly elected from multi-member constituencies to serve a four-year term.
  • Before this competition, the Council flag was the only popularly known flag for the island.
  • As in all states, a popularly elected governor heads Maryland's executive branch.
  • Because of their brief service both men were popularly called "General".
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Meaning of popularly

  • adverb Among the people
    this topic was popularly discussed