ponderously across

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  • As if all the power of the winds were pushing and piling behind, it rolled ponderously across the sky. Cited from Riders of the Purple Sage, by Zane Grey
  • A week passed thus, and then the good-hearted and experienced Miss Blake hurried ponderously across the hall to put Teacher on her guard. Cited from The Wit and Humor of America, Volume III. (of X.), by Various
  • Gustave shifted the microscope up over his eyebrow and smiled ponderously across the counter. Cited from A Thousand and One Afternoons in Chicago, B. Hecht
  • Olga's wagon, with the hay-rack on top of it, moved solemnly and ponderously across the barnyard and crashed into the corral, propelled by no power but that of the wind. Cited from The Prairie Wife, by Arthur Stringer