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  • Where these polishings and scorings are found in narrow glens, it is, no doubt, an open question whether some of them may not be the work of water. Cited from Town Geology, by Charles Kingsley
  • The floor is carpetless, and maintained in a meticulous state of high gloss by means of daily polishings. Cited from Observations of an Orderly, by Ward Muir
  • Other physicians had already tried feeding the polishings to nursing mothers.
  • However, no confusion regarding these terms will result if it is remembered that rice polishings are the thin inner coating that is removed and polish is what is added to the rice. Cited from Woman's Institute Library of Cookery, Vol. 1
  • By carrying out this fractioning and testing he obtained from a large volume of rice polishings a very small amount of a crystalline substance which proved to be curative to a high degree. Cited from The Vitamine Manual, by Walter H. Eddy
  • Examine again all those accurate mouldings, and perfect polishings, and unerring adjustments of the seasoned wood and tempered steel. Cited from Selections From the Works of John Ruskin, by John Ruskin
  • Another student had been attracted to the problem and was working at the time in Germany where he also became acquainted with Eijkman's results and began the investigation of rice polishings on experimental lines. Cited from The Vitamine Manual, by Walter H. Eddy
  • He was very patient with the countless polishings, and one afternoon, when the air was sweet with the odour of the cherry blossoms, the last touches were put upon it. Cited from Lavender and Old Lace, by Myrtle Reed
  • Funk's earlier researches on yeast and rice polishings both yielded crystalline complexes which he analysed. Cited from The Vitamine Manual, by Walter H. Eddy
  • He devised a method for extracting important nutrients from grass, soya beans, rice polishings, and agricultural wastes using old machinery that he found at the camp.
  • Eijkman found that two or three weeks feeding sufficed to produce these symptoms and it was he who first showed that the addition of the rice polishings to the diet was sufficient to relieve the symptoms. Cited from The Vitamine Manual, by Walter H. Eddy
  • Funk's studies combined a careful chemical fractioning of the extracts of rice polishings with tests for their antineuritic power upon polyneuritic birds, after the manner taught by Eijkman. Cited from The Vitamine Manual, by Walter H. Eddy
  • Alice was with a kinswoman of rank in a great house near Edinburgh, submitting, not without enjoyment, to certain fine filings and polishings and lacquerings and contacts. Cited from Foes, by Mary Johnston
  • He therefore led those who were willing to follow to a suitable spot and pointed out the striations, flutings, and polishings of the granite, which showed that in former ages the glacier had passed there, although at that time it was far below in the valley. Cited from Rivers of Ice, by R.M. Ballantyne
  • Subsequent firings and polishings of the wooden tip of the spear would eventually form a hardened glaze consisting of pitch, wood particles and carbon on the tip which could eventually be even harder than a copper tip.
  • When Casimir Funk made his original studies of the chemical fractions of an alcohol extract of rice polishings he utilized a discovery of the Dutch chemist Eijkman. Cited from The Vitamine Manual, by Walter H. Eddy
  • WILLIAMS, R. R., AND SALEEBY: Experimental treatment of human beri-beri with constituents of rice polishings. Cited from The Vitamine Manual, by Walter H. Eddy
  • Diego being the peon in whose behalf Jack had last winter interfered with Perkins, his gratitude took the form of secret polishings upon the splendid riding-gear, the cleaning of Jack's boots and such voluntary services. Cited from The Gringos, by B. M. Bower
  • The chemistry of the vitamine fractions from yeast and rice polishings. Cited from The Vitamine Manual, by Walter H. Eddy
  • The polishings, he said, were caused by the ice slowly grinding over the surface of the rock, and the flutings and groovings were caused, not by the ice itself, but by stones which were embedded in its under surface, and which cut the solid granite as if with chisels. Cited from Rivers of Ice, by R.M. Ballantyne
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Root form of polishings is polish for verb and polishing for noun.

How polishings gets used

Meaning of polishings

  • verb Make (a surface) shine
    shine the silver, please, polish my shoes
  • verb Improve or perfect by pruning or polishing
    refine one's style of writing
  • verb Bring to a highly developed, finished, or refined state
    polish your social manners