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  • He became one of the first members of the French Polishers Union.
  • This segment also includes hand equipment like polishers and light systems.
  • Early polishers used three types of stone, whereas a modern polisher generally uses seven.
  • We are going to start with only two polishers; one for day work, the other for the night shift. Cited from The House of Torchy, by Sewell Ford
  • So many polishers were found at one site that a workshop and prehistoric village location have been suggested.
  • This chart is a starting point and experienced polishers may vary the materials used to suit different applications.
  • These iron plates, I would say, are simply used for preliminary formation of polishers. Cited from Scientific American Supplement, No. 484, April 11, 1885, by Various
  • In the neighborhood have been found the stones used as polishers. Cited from The Prehistoric World, by E. A. Allen
  • In addition to the hundreds of men who worked there daily, there were some fifty women, burnishers and polishers. Cited from Fruitfulness, by Emile Zola
  • Women in particular were known as skillful "french polishers" who completed the finish on furniture.
  • The equipment needed to do this includes rock saws and polishers.
  • Ostensibly they were a literary society; really they were diamond polishers. Cited from Ester Ried Yet Speaking, by Isabella Alden
  • There is evidence of habitation from neolithic times in the form of stone polishers.
  • Thirty foot round tables laid with glass were moved by bull trucks to the grinders and polishers.
  • Many writers have claimed to be, or have been named as, Sir Walter's assistants and polishers. Cited from Thomas Hariot, by Henry Stevens
  • The first edition of the newspaper was distributed by shoe-polishers and newsvendors in the main streets of the city.
  • For marble and wood floors, floor polishers may be used to apply protective coating to floor.
  • They bring together some tens of different components: watchmakers, engineers, movement decorators, polishers, etc.
  • Diamond polishers take up to three times longer to cut diamonds of this quality and nearly 15% greater waste of the original diamond rough material is lost.
  • Originally, he stored these items in his house, which quickly filled with anything he could find made of steel, from suits of armor to automatic shoe polishers.
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Root form of polishers is polisher for the noun.

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