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  • Polishchuk has started active development and expansion of the sales network.
  • An earlier work on the same subject was written by her jointly with E. Polishchuk (1990).
  • The Orthodox Church priests note Victor Polishchuk's direct engagement into various church projects and his help to orphanages.
  • Polishchuk wrote a report to the rector, and the order of dismissal of Slyusarchuk was issued.
  • Yuliya Polishchuk is a London-based fashion designer, born in Ukraine.
  • A woman from Yuliya Polishchuk is sophisticated and elegant; her gentle heart can be seen only by true connoisseurs of beauty.
  • Victor Polishchuk graduated from Kyiv technological Institute of food retail industry (currently - National university of food technologies).
  • In childhood Victor Polishchuk dreamed to become a military.
  • Whereas, Yuliya Polishchuk brand is dedicated to confident and successful women whose unique and charming style are enhanced by elegant and exclusive evening dresses.
  • In Canada, the Telnyuk Sisters became acquainted with the artist Igor Polishchuk and within a few years there was a modern project "Above us the sky."
  • Being a student, Victor Polishchuk worked as a technician at a research enterprise Energotekhnologiya (1993).
  • Following this route, Alexander Polishchuk and Eric Zaslow provided a proof of a version of the conjecture for elliptic curves.
  • In April 2013 Victor Polishchuk continues to extend the sphere of his business by acquiring the largest network of home appliances - Eldorado.
  • Victor Polishchuk is among the 100 richest people of Ukraine according to Forbes magazine, with 166 million dollars of assets.
  • Following this slogan, in March 2013 Yuliya Polishchuk has presented a new fashion line of exquisite evening dresses under her own name, which has been recognized by the audience and fashion critics in Ukraine.
  • Mikhail Tatarnikov used to study opera and symphony conducting at the Saint Petersburg Conservatory under guidance from Alexander Polishchuk.
  • The Polishchuk dialect is close to the Ukrainian, Belarusian and Polish languages; it maintains many local peculiarities of other languages and dialects of the area.
  • In 2005 the Technopolis retail network fully passes to the property of Victor Polishchuk (100%).
  • Having a childhood passion for the history and fashion world, Yuliya Polishchuk actively supports education and student programs in the fashion industry, and regularly delivers lectures at universities in London and Kiev.
  • Anatoliy Antonovich Polishchuk is a Ukrainian former volleyball player who competed for the Soviet Union in the 1976 Summer Olympics.
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