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  • The boys uniform consists of a plain white short-sleeved shirt, official school tie, white trousers, black belt and black polishable school shoes.
  • Depending on rank, members may be issued with high-shine polishable lace-up leather boots for ceremonial occasions, similar to that worn by military personnel.
  • It possesses good toughness, stable grains, and is highly polishable.
  • That at which she paused had an exterior promising comfort within; the windows were clean and neatly curtained, and the polishable appurtenances of the door gleamed to perfection. Cited from New Grub Street, by George Gissing
  • Works of supererogation, such as polishing everything polishable -- the shot for the guns, in extreme cases, not even excepted -- until it shone like the tropical sun at noonday, left him little leisure or inclination for mirth. Cited from The Press-Gang Afloat and Ashore, by J. Hutchinson
  • For males, the uniform consists of long brown pants in winter, shorts in summer, with a white shirt with fine brown vertical stripes, with brown socks in winter, and cream socks with coloured striped at the top in summer, and polishable brown shoes.
  • The uniform includes a silver shirt/blouse, green shorts/ skirt (skirts are styled to the Westlake Girls High School skirts) grey socks, plain black sandals/polishable black lace up shoes and a hat.
  • But here is the novelty: in the focus of the hyperboloidal mirror, I place a second hyperbola (shaped, as it were, inside out) -- a hyperboloid of revolution, made from a refractory, ideally polishable mineral -- shamonite -- endless supplies of which are found in the north of Russia.