Polish king

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  • The second one, under the rule of Polish king, was called Black Russia.
  • Polish king did not use his first-rate foreign mercenaries, as he wanted to save them for the future.
  • For years it was an excellent hunting area used by the Polish kings.
  • Their President seems a bad edition of a Polish King. Cited from The Writings of Thomas Jefferson, Vol. 6, ed. by Lipscomb and Bergh
  • His titles were the longest of any Polish king ever.
  • After that date, they were to decide whether to join the Swedish or the Polish king.
  • In turn, they sold it to the Polish king who entered the castle in June 1457.
  • The reaction of the Polish King wasn't wait too much.
  • He was trained as a painter and also worked as an art buyer for the Polish king.
  • In the 14th century, the village belonged to Polish kings, and a royal court was located here.
  • No other Polish king seems to have so thoroughly understood the nature of the Polish sejm.
  • The castle across the centuries belonged to several noble Polish families, and was visited by many Polish kings.
  • It was popular among lesser, middle and even some higher nobility, and it also enjoyed the support of the Polish king.
  • Based on that treaty, the Polish King had the right to appoint the Bishop.
  • The Polish kings, even from the same dynasty, had to be elected by the nobles.
  • But after serving as the Polish king for only four months, he received the news that his brother, the King of France, had died.
  • The Polish King fought on with great personal courage and his knights had to force him to leave the battlefield.
  • It contains the place of coronation of most Polish kings.
  • The garrison refused surrender without the permission of the Polish king.
  • He served as a finance minister and secretary to the Polish king Sigismund I the Old.
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