policy alienation

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  • Info Policy alienation refers to a framework which examines the experiences of governmental employees with new policies they have to implement. more...
  • The policy alienation framework was developed to better understand the experiences of front-line public professionals with new policies.
  • A number of examples can clarify the concept of policy alienation.
  • Furthermore, a high degree of policy alienation can affect the quality of interactions between professionals and citizens, which may eventually influence the output legitimacy of government.
  • It has been shown that policy alienation increases resistance to a new policy, lowers behavioral support for the policy and decreases job satisfaction of public professionals.
  • Like work alienation, policy alienation is multidimensional, consisting of policy powerlessness and policy meaninglessness dimensions.
  • The policy alienation framework is used to analyze this topic.
  • The second dimension of policy alienation is meaninglessness.
  • The policy alienation framework was conceptualized based on the works of sociologists such as Hegel, Marx, Seeman, and Blauner.