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  • Today this close association with the public would be considered community policing.
  • They were later given powers to provide policing and build public buildings.
  • Therefore they only paid for policing for the protection of their property.
  • Its space is now occupied by a new community policing center.
  • The French government was responsible for security and to some degree policing in all states.
  • Other notable training offered includes driver development and public order policing.
  • Self-policing of any group is also a conflict of interest.
  • These forces provide the majority of policing services to the public of England and Wales.
  • An organization can maintain control over the standards to which they are held by successfully self-policing themselves.
  • Early development of intelligence-led policing took place in the UK.
  • The service is responsible for providing policing services throughout the province in areas lacking local police forces.
  • For over a century they were a key part of policing, as horses were the main form of transport.
  • However, they do still occur, especially in the lower divisions where there is less policing and security.
  • But in the earliest times the "state" did not always provide an independent policing force.
  • For example, the National Police Agency provides all policing services throughout the country.
  • At the height of their success they administered local government and policing in large regions.
  • They provided full-time policing, under the authority of the elected parish constables.
  • The department's most recent objectives include the use of intelligence led policing.
  • In this interview he described how he implemented the "community policing" program during his administration.
  • National Police Commission was the first committee set up by the Indian government to report on policing.
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Root form of policing is police for the verb.