Police Cadet

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  • Info A police cadet can refer either to a trainee police officer or to a member of a youth organisation in which young people learn about and/or participate in law enforcement and police work.
  • She also worked as a police cadet while in college.
  • Police cadets killed in the incident included traffic police and musicians in the police orchestra.
  • Working as a Police Cadet in this way usually went alongside more classroom-based training.
  • The plot features female police cadets in training to join the Hollywood vice squad.
  • She originally wanted to become a police officer, but changed her mind when she discovered that she had missed out on the police cadet scheme.
  • The department also utilizes police cadets to perform tasks that may otherwise take up the time of full-time officers.
  • He worked on the daytime drama "General Hospital" for eight months playing a police cadet.
  • The Met also has several active Volunteer Police Cadet units, which maintain their own internal rank structure.
  • The term Police Cadets has two principal meanings in the United Kingdom.
  • Reports indicate that the police were very calm throughout the day, although some police cadets were said to have employed unnecessary force against orders.
  • A police cadet searches for the truth behind a girl's suicide by hanging.
  • Sussex Police, like many other forces in the UK, have Police Cadets.
  • Police cadets receive training in equal enforcement of the law and nondiscrimination.
  • Police cadets are trained for nine months before they commence duties, followed by eighteen months on-the-job training while they are carrying out their duties.
  • June 8: Eleven police cadets were killed when two assailants opened fire on their vehicle.
  • Her father, a Yorkshire police cadet, was stationed there at the time.
  • Then, the player goes on police duty with seemingly bumbling police cadet Duncan.
  • Nine police cadets monitor these cameras around the clock.
  • Police cadets learn law, about investigations and police procedures.
  • At the Police Cadet Academy he meets 4 good friends that he goes through thick and thin with.
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