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  • Then it came over her more poignantly that she should not see him again. Cited from The Portrait of a Lady, Vol 2, by Henry James
  • So the situation comes home to you a little more poignantly now, does it? Cited from The Gay Lord Quex, by Arthur W. Pinero
  • She said little, but everything she did say, she most poignantly meant. Cited from Ladies Must Live, by Alice Duer Miller
  • War acts more poignantly, more directly upon a soldier whose own home is immediately behind him. Cited from Georges Guynemer, by Henry Bordeaux
  • For she who brought to me so poignantly the sense of my loss was to make that loss good. Cited from Looking Backward, 2000 to 1887, by Edward Bellamy
  • And yet it was not the death of his mother that remained with him most poignantly this morning. Cited from Nomads Of The North, by James Oliver Curwood
  • She felt poignantly how little he could help her. Cited from The Trail Of The Sword, by Parker, Epoch 3
  • Of this fact I became aware very early, and felt poignantly the lack of my own kind. Cited from Before Adam, by Jack London
  • The episode ends poignantly as all three are left sitting in the bar, all close to tears.
  • How poignantly the simple words came back to me! Cited from Ruggles of Red Gap, by Harry Leon Wilson
  • That centre of the world in which each human being exists is in her case more poignantly a centre than any other. Cited from Robin, by Frances Hodgson Burnett
  • She realized more poignantly than ever how starved her love of beauty had been for the last ten years. Cited from The Land of Promise, by D. Torbett
  • She thought poignantly of her few days among the pines with Mark King. Cited from The Everlasting Whisper, by Jackson Gregory
  • His feeling for her could not be so strong as to make him suffer poignantly over her refusal. Cited from Other Things Being Equal, by Emma Wolf
  • Now facing each other for the first time after many months, they remembered all too poignantly that parting. Cited from Jaffery, by William J. Locke
  • The love scenes at the last were poignantly real, but they passed before his eyes unnoticed. Cited from Cabin Fever, by B. M. Bower
  • She had made up her mind that she would not let this next day, with its poignantly beautiful service, move her too deeply. Cited from Fanny Herself, by Edna Ferber
  • The sole point for him was how to ad- minister her punishment the most poignantly. Cited from Zuleika Dobson, by Max Beerbohm
  • The author has no right to expect of us an act so unhabitual, we very poignantly feel. Cited from The Certain Hour, by James Branch Cabell
  • His military experiences poignantly influenced his later life and after the war he continued his connections with the Army.
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