poetry collection

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  • He has released twenty albums to date, along with a novel and poetry collection.
  • She has published six poetry collections and has produced and directed four films.
  • In total she has published seven poetry collections and eight children's books.
  • He has published more than a score of poetry collections and travel books.
  • The book is also notable for having two famous poetry collections as characters.
  • She is currently working on a third poetry collection and hopes to finish it soon.
  • Many of the songs she wrote during that period later found their way to her later poetry collections.
  • Since then it has published over a hundred and fifty poetry collections.
  • He published twenty books, about half of them being poetry collections.
  • Still serving in the navy, he published his literary debut, the poetry collection Russia.
  • He has published over twenty books including novels, short stories, and poetry collections.
  • She has published four poetry collections, three of which have won awards.
  • He has published numerous poetry collections and a book of short fiction.
  • She wrote short stories for children but also published two poetry collections for adults.
  • His poetry collection was released after his death.
  • His poetry collection have been published in several Indian languages.
  • He is the author of the published poetry collection Local Boy and other poems.
  • He has won numerous awards for his plays and poetry collections.
  • As he died very young he did not manage to publish a poetry collection.
  • He has published more than a dozen novels and a number of poetry collections.
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