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  • Doors are four two-wing, pneumatically controlled and opened to the inside.
  • The structure would be pneumatically supported and free standing with control systems guiding the structure's center of mass.
  • The front axle drive engagement works pneumatically and can be used during driving.
  • The control unit was developed out of an earlier invention for pneumatically opening doors and farm gates.
  • The ride was pneumatically powered, with three connected towers, each with its own independent ride system.
  • His hands fell upon his knees, and he got to his feet pneumatically, shaking his head with foreboding. Cited from Gentleman From Indiana, by Booth Tarkington
  • They are usually pneumatically driven, although versions with electric and flexible shaft drive also exist.
  • The project team designed the new facility to include pneumatically operated steel gates and three state-of-the-art high and low-water fish ladders.
  • It gets opened with a pneumatically operated sliding valve when a defined speed is reached.
  • They were then replaced by pneumatically operated switching elements.
  • They are then pneumatically lifted and repeatedly sent through the rollers until fully processed.
  • The original version of this robot was pneumatically driven while the new generation uses a single electric motor for locomotion.
  • It is started pneumatically, and remains fully operational during inverted flight.
  • Emergency extension can be accomplished pneumatically in case of hydraulic or electrical system failure.
  • The rear of the vehicle is lowered to the ground when parked and is raised pneumatically when the engine is started.
  • This method produced much more stable and accurate molds than it was possible manually or pneumatically.
  • The rate/degree of lockup is mechanically/pneumatically controlled and preset before each run according to various conditions, in particular track surface.
  • Shotcrete provides an excellent alternative to traditional cast-in-place walls, and since it is pneumatically placed, greatly reduces labor cost and time.
  • They first appeared in the 1900s, when they were actuated either mechanically or pneumatically.
  • In a few cases, signals and points were operated pneumatically upon operation of the appropriate lever or slide.
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Meaning of pneumatically

  • adverb In a pneumatic manner
    at the present time the transmission is very often done hydraulically or pneumatically