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  • A man who has plenty of one but not the other is considered to be poor.
  • During the ancient period there was plenty of life in that region.
  • In addition, plenty of well known acts have come from the area.
  • There is one small shop and plenty of farm animals running free.
  • Plenty of public buildings and facilities for the purpose of entertainment and sports were completed.
  • However, they decided there was plenty of time to issue orders the next morning, rather than that evening.
  • Land use is carefully planned and development provides plenty of room for public housing projects.
  • The garden has plenty of place for children to play.
  • There was plenty of room for houses and its own downtown section.
  • The pre-season saw plenty of action off the ice.
  • Although there was plenty of commercial activity, there was very little actual construction of houses and government buildings.
  • Most companies have plenty of trouble dealing with just one future, let alone multiple ones.
  • Good men, however, lived lives of plenty, and were neither sick nor aged.
  • He played plenty of cricket during his visit, with mixed success.
  • The following year they released their second album titled That's a Plenty.
  • Plants grow and flower as long as there is open space and plenty of light.
  • He loved reading as a child, and his father brought him plenty of books back from the library every week.
  • Plenty of farm land and China's most important industrial area are built beside the river.
  • It is a nice place to live in certain areas and is where plenty people grow up.
  • In addition to my own little story of bad luck, I heard plenty of others.
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Meaning of plenty

  • noun A full supply
    there was plenty of food for everyone