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  • The island served as a cattle range and was also used for its plentiful timber.
  • Because cold water flows from beneath the dam, many native warm-water fish are no longer plentiful.
  • Students can also create their own digital stories and the benefits that they can receive from it can be quite plentiful.
  • If food is plentiful, they can eat 10 times their own weight per day.
  • On most of the islands there is a plentiful supply of water.
  • This species was once plentiful in its native lake.
  • The north campus has plentiful trees and curving roads with few straight lines.
  • Prawns can be plentiful over the summer months during the dark of the new moon.
  • Characters were plentiful and very different from each other.
  • The best time to visit the falls is the late rainy season when water is plentiful.
  • The county was named after the animal which was plentiful there.
  • Marine life is quite plentiful in the waters surrounding the island.
  • In some areas, these types of fencing materials can be cost-effective if plentiful.
  • The wood of the tree is useful for construction, being plentiful and usually easy to work and polish.
  • Rainfall while usually plentiful, varies greatly both throughout the year and between years.
  • The river was important as a source of fresh, plentiful water for the trains, several of which ran daily.
  • In their winter range, they flock together where food is plentiful.
  • However, copies of the single continued to be available until supplies ran out, making second hand copies plentiful.
  • They are able to track rainfall and will head for these areas where vegetation is more plentiful.
  • There is an ample supply of spring water and enough land for a plentiful food supply.
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