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  • Food would have been plentiful during the few warm months of the year.
  • Most of the development was in single-family houses, since land was plentiful.
  • Johnson says that everything people really need is plentiful and easy to reach.
  • He usually have a plentiful catch which would be more his family needs.
  • The origin of the town's name comes from the once-plentiful population.
  • Due to their large size, they also require plentiful space in which to fly around.
  • Many of these rare species were plentiful at the site, and remain prominent there today.
  • Being fifteen and twenty-five miles from major power plants, the supply of power is plentiful.
  • Where iron and steel are plentiful this method is frequently used as it requires less time.
  • His house did not have electricity, but food was plentiful since his family owned a farm.
  • Soon after, they discovered its plentiful natural resources and decided to settle.
  • Some flowers are open throughout the year but they are especially plentiful from May to January.
  • Rain is rare here during spring and summer, though plentiful in autumn and winter months.
  • The area was probably a hunting ground with plentiful food and water.
  • Recently, these sources of funding have not been as plentiful as in years past.
  • They are plentiful throughout their home range in Africa and Europe.
  • Warm weather and plentiful water have in the past produced several crops a year.
  • Honey season, however, can last until November if it is a particularly plentiful season.
  • Plentiful sandstone in the area led to significant buildings being constructed of that material.
  • Pack-in games are often the most plentiful games at used game shops.
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