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  • Info Plenary is an adjective related to the noun plenum carrying a general connotation of fullness.
  • The following are some of the more important results from the first plenary session.
  • After the issue has been passed by the committee, it taken to vote for the parliament in plenary.
  • No action is final until taken by the General Conference in plenary session.
  • The structure is in area, including two plenary rooms and fifteen multi-use rooms.
  • All directors are elected at the plenary of their spring regional conference.
  • France, too, had given no plenary powers to her representatives, though her policy was less clearly defined.
  • Plenary sessions on scientific, political and economic issues round out the program.
  • Plenary sessions of the Supreme Court are held at least once every four months.
  • Another source described him as largely a quiet senator who rarely spoke at Senate plenary.
  • It is formally elected at the first plenary meeting of each newly elected Central Committee.
  • It also broadcasts important committee meetings if there is no plenary at the time.
  • It held only one plenary session in the ten years.
  • The number of plenary sessions increased from five to six, while the number of break-out groups increased from three to six.
  • The court held that congress would retain plenary power to protect Native Americans.
  • Subjects of the plenary meetings are, among others, education and church politics in Germany.
  • Appointed members take an oath of office at the plenary session meeting of the parliament.
  • Prior to each plenary meeting, each committee meets to discuss specific topics of interest.
  • The plenary court is an assembly of all of the Court's judges.
  • Its use will be determined by the Plenary in an open and transparent manner.
  • A small number of plenary talks address key areas of interest.
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