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  • It is the one that has given me the greatest amount of pleasure.
  • It has been a true pleasure to me to have you at my side so long.
  • Pleasure is the only good in life and pain is the only evil.
  • Gardens and pleasure houses line the river valley for several miles above the city.
  • They tried to get the maximum of pleasure out of their personal relations.
  • They often take great pleasure and pride in their status and relationship.
  • Pleasure center is the general term used for the brain regions involved in pleasure.
  • He held the idea that pleasure is the highest good.
  • On hearing of the death of a political enemy, she expressed her pleasure.
  • He wanted to know what additional element had to be present for pleasure to be felt.
  • He at first took up the study of law, but abandoned it for a life of pleasure.
  • The system provides materials and information for life, work and pleasure.
  • Some things give animals pleasure which give other animals pain.
  • Some of those people would take pleasure in making them suffer.
  • Several of his songs were written for performance in London's pleasure gardens.
  • Many people have family historical roots in the area and visit for business as well as pleasure.
  • A priest may serve only at the pleasure of his bishop.
  • This region soon came to be known as the "pleasure center".
  • It is a special place that gives people pleasure.
  • The town's attorney and manager serve at the pleasure of the council.
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Meaning of pleasure

  • noun A fundamental feeling that is hard to define but that people desire to experience
    he was tingling with pleasure
  • noun A formal expression
    he serves at the pleasure of the President
  • noun An activity that affords enjoyment
    he puts duty before pleasure
  • noun Sexual gratification
    he took his pleasure of her