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  • After her last song, she again asked the king if he was pleased.
  • He sat for her as a model and was pleased with her finished piece.
  • Eventually her father gave up and permitted her to live as she pleased.
  • The king became very pleased with his wife and returned to his palace in her company.
  • The girl pleased me at once, though I had no idea why.
  • Bishop was not pleased with the order coming so soon after his return to France.
  • After five minutes of watching the film the studio were pleased with the changes.
  • However, residents of the settlement must be allowed to come and go as they pleased.
  • This pleased the audience, so this became the end of his parents' act.
  • But now I am pleased when I see the situation the world is in.
  • She was pleased that the structure was now once again connected to Constant.
  • The captain was very pleased with his gift, and always kept it with him.
  • The gods were not pleased, so they turned them all into birds.
  • Pleased with the result, the artist and company would continue their relationship for another two decades.
  • We would be pleased to take them all in our boat, but it's not big enough.
  • The General is very pleased by this as it shows that good can come out of evil.
  • The king and queen were not pleased with married life.
  • She enjoyed the job and was pleased to work with the people of the organization.
  • He was pleased that the throne could pass to his son.
  • He was free to vote as he pleased on policy matters.
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Root form of pleased is please for the verb.

Words starting with pleased

Meaning of pleased

  • verb Give pleasure to or be pleasing to
    These colors please the senses, a pleasing sensation
  • verb Be the will of or have the will (to)
    he could do many things if he pleased
  • verb Give satisfaction
    The waiters around her aim to please
  • adjective Experiencing or manifesting pleasure