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  • However, it is very active and playful during the day when the sun is bright.
  • Though born fully-grown, he has the heart of a playful child.
  • They are known for their playful writing and an interest in industrial methods of building.
  • His style is often described in the media as very playful.
  • Everybody began to know her mostly as a playful and pretty young girl.
  • They are always playful with one another, always playing tricks on one another.
  • In a playful mood he asked the children's support for his cause.
  • They can be very friendly and playful, even in old age.
  • Though sometimes acting more mature and grown-up, she mostly acts like a playful child.
  • Both have a playful little brother and some sisters, as well as concerned parents.
  • They can be playful with other dogs, and get along with horses.
  • She found a very unique way to write in German and is known for her playful use of words.
  • The series has been called among Norwegian crime literature's most playful and original.
  • It thereby created its own goal and purpose in a playful game.
  • Each ship and its pilot is a distinct character, from playful to evil.
  • In a playful mood, he asked the children's support for his cause.
  • They are quite playful and are active during the day.
  • The girls threw Victoria into the pool head first which started a playful fight.
  • Both books have the goal of developing a young child's musical ear in a playful manner.
  • A difference in power between people may also make the behavior hurtful rather than playful.
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Meaning of playful

  • adjective Full of fun and high spirits
    playful children just let loose from school