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  • After going up 3-games-to-none on them, the Platers fell apart and lost in seven games.
  • Snyder decided to continue his try-out and made the team after leading the Platers in scoring during the exhibition season.
  • This has earned them the name P Platers.
  • Commercial platers often use a copper cyanide-based solution to ensure a high level of copper remains in solution.
  • Fame was short-lived for the Platers however.
  • Following the season, Martin left the Platers and became the head coach of the St. Louis Blues.
  • To explain more clearly, it was the practice of most silver platers to use an alloy for silver-plating. Cited from Handbook of American Daguerrotype, by Humphrey
  • They changed their name to the Platers that year and then the Islanders in 1993.
  • After being drafted Loach returned to the Platers and played another 2 years with the team.
  • The team kept the name of Owen Sound Platers.
  • After the season, Martin left Peterborough and became the head coach of the Guelph Platers.
  • Detroit got a round bye for the first round but went against the Owen Sound Platers and swept them in the second round.
  • Engineers were on one job, and platers and riveters on the other. Cited from The Lost Naval Papers, by Bennet Copplestone
  • As the Warriors folded for good at the end of the season, the Platers came within arm's reach of winning the National Title.
  • When the Holody family decided to sell the Owen Sound Platers buyers were sought from any city.
  • Alternatively spiral platers are available as integrated devices as part of larger automated platforms.
  • According to Timeform, she "brushed aside" her opponents "as though they were selling platers".
  • He played four years for the Platers registering 75 goals and 221 points, captaining the team in his final two seasons.
  • The Platers won their first Memorial Cup, and the city's second Memorial Cup, defeating Hull in the final game.
  • In 2000 The Owen Sound Platers were renamed to the Attack after being bought by local interests.
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Root form of platers is plater for the noun.

How Platers gets used

Meaning of Platers

  • noun A skilled worker who coats articles with a film of metal (usually silver or gold)