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  • We must talk it over with Plater, and come to some decision this very day. Cited from Raftmates, by Kirk Munroe
  • Plater was no longer involved with the show during that series.
  • The building housed the Plater family library after the construction of their new palace.
  • Before he reached the far edge of the timber he met Plater running and breathless. Cited from Raftmates, by Kirk Munroe
  • After Plater's congressional service he resumed the private practice of law.
  • Plater said that he had always tried to make his characters normal people, whose normal lives are interrupted when the outside world comes into their lives.
  • Plater had a Catholic ethos with daily mass being said before the evening meal.
  • In 1907 he acquired Plater family collection, including a large art collection.
  • De Plater confirmed the game to be a Real-time tactics strategy war-game.
  • He began working as a plater at a local shipyard and soon became involved in defending workers' rights.
  • Plater stayed in the north of England for many years after he became prominent as a writer and lived in Hull.
  • For many years these took place at Plater College, Oxford.
  • Mr. Plater, though on his back, had nearly succeeded in drawing a pistol from his hip pocket. Cited from Raftmates, by Kirk Munroe
  • A broken chain cost him a runaway victory, as Plater took his second career TT win.
  • Further confusion on the day of competition resulted in all 13 shooting, Plater going last.
  • Before he gets through with his maiden trip, even though his house is a thoroughbred, he will think it is a selling plater. Cited from Tales of the Road, by Charles N. Crewdson
  • She commenced her racing career as a selling plater, but proved a useful racemare by winning all of her seven starts.
  • The stories were also published as books by Alan Plater.
  • Plater coat of arms is a Polish coat of arms.
  • In late 1791 Plater was elected Governor, and took office in December.
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Meaning of Plater

  • noun A skilled worker who coats articles with a film of metal (usually silver or gold)