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  • It is therefore possible that the known material contains more species belonging to Plateosaurus.
  • The arms of Plateosaurus were very short, even compared to most other "prosauropods".
  • Since then, remains of well over 100 individuals of Plateosaurus have been discovered at various locations throughout Europe.
  • Like Plateosaurus, it had five digits on each hand and foot.
  • Lufengosaurus was often thought to be very similar to Plateosaurus from Europe.
  • It is mostly closely related to the Plateosaurus, which lived about 210 million years ago in Germany.
  • However, most of these adaptations are actually present in Plateosaurus.
  • Plateosaurus thus lived probably from approximately 214 to 204 million years ago.
  • The skull of Plateosaurus is small and narrow, rectangular in side view, and nearly three times as long as it is high.
  • Later, he merged several of these species, but remained convinced that more than one genus and more than one species of Plateosaurus was present in both localities.
  • Some of these specimens had first been described in 1980 and were originally attributed to the genus Plateosaurus.
  • The antorbital fenestrae, smaller than those seen in Plateosaurus, were situated between the eyes and the nose.
  • The proportionally long lower leg and metatarsus show that Plateosaurus could run quickly on its hind limbs.
  • He described a second species of Plateosaurus in 1914.
  • All sites yielded almost complete and partial skeletons of Plateosaurus, as well as isolated bones.
  • Plateosaurus is a member of a group of early herbivores known as "prosauropods".
  • Instead, Plateosaurus must have increased speed by using higher stride frequencies, created by rapid and powerful limb retraction.
  • The etymology of the name Plateosaurus is not entirely clear.
  • Despite the great quantity and excellent quality of the fossil material, Plateosaurus was for a long time one of the most misunderstood dinosaurs.
  • All named species of Plateosaurus except the type species and P. gracilis have turned out to be junior synonyms of the type species or invalid names.
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