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  • The local professional football club is named Platense and they are former national league champions.
  • He then moved to Platense, six years after his first spell at this team.
  • Although the club hosts many activities, Platense is mostly known for its football team.
  • Later he moved to Platense, where he played eight games.
  • It is currently used mostly for football matches and is the home stadium of Platense.
  • He was a very good right back, probably, the best defensive player in the history of Platense.
  • Platense has not fallen behind in signing new players for this tournament.
  • He scored 24 league goals for Platense during his six seasons with the club.
  • He spent the majority of his career at Platense.
  • The members of Club Platense were, for the most part, hired by this company while they participated with the club.
  • He has coached Platense and Olimpia, with whom he won three consecutive titles.
  • Laing started his career at Platense, showing a great performance.
  • At Platense he scored a lot of goals.
  • His first job was at Platense, where he was dismissed in January 2005.
  • In June 2012 he returned to Platense to seal another contract with the club.
  • Throughout that period a rivalry against Platense was developed.
  • Platense was the first professional champion of Honduras, winning the three rounds.
  • He returned to his original team Platense to play in the 2012 Apertura.
  • Lanz began his career at the youth sector of Argentine club Platense.
  • In 2005, when with Platense, he suffered multiple injuries sustained in a car accident.
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