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  • Most of the region is situated on a plateau, a little more than above sea level.
  • The country has a high central plateau that varies from above sea level.
  • The town centre lies to the north, on a plateau on the western side of the river.
  • It is above sea level, about higher than the cable station at the western end of the plateau.
  • The eastern and central region of the island is a large elevated plateau.
  • This plateau is about wide and located at an altitude of above sea level.
  • Another approach was possibly from the high plateau to the north.
  • In the course of the 20th century, the plateau became the industrial section of the city.
  • He was, at the time, the second-youngest player to reach that plateau.
  • To the south of the main plateau is a lower part of the range called the Back Table.
  • Due south the plateau rim is formed by three parallel steps with level ground between them.
  • Steps were cut into the rock, making the complex accessible via a bridge from the nearby plateau.
  • The city is located on a mile-wide plateau noted for its rich soil suitable for fruit growing.
  • Thus there are hardly any rivers, lakes or other forms of surface water on the plateau.
  • The highest point of the plateau, called the Command Ridge, is above sea level.
  • Protected areas and the central plateau receive less, although still significant, amounts.
  • Between the plateau and the coast is the province's largest mountain range, the Coast Mountains.
  • The track is also unusual in that it is built on a plateau, and is very flat.
  • The state is a great plateau broken by many mountain ranges.
  • The park has been enlarged several times since and now takes in all the plateau and surrounding slopes.
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