placement tests

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  • This placement test was to make sure only the best students were selected to the science programs.
  • The student will then take a placement test at the college.
  • If you miss two questions in a row on the placement test, the test ends.
  • If students are not required to take placement tests, they tend to avoid them.
  • This student will take a placement test and the Department Head will decide where that student is placed.
  • In most times, the entrance test is a placement test.
  • It is the College of Music's placement test for musicians of every level.
  • Students who desire to take Advanced Placement tests in other subjects continue to do so and do well in them.
  • Over the past three years Hononegah has increased the amount of advanced placement tests its students are taking.
  • LGC can provide its students with a placement test for all levels to prize their knowledge about the Language.
  • There are five levels in which students may be placed based on their performance on assessment or placement tests.
  • In practice, there is usually a clear positive relationship between student placement test scores and initial course grades.
  • Incoming students are given a placement test which determines the level of study they will be placed into.
  • Whether placement tests are the most effective method of placing students is an open debate across the US.
  • Students are placed into the appropriate class based on level of proficiency as determined by placement tests.
  • During this period, students acquaint themselves to the campus and have the opportunity to take placement tests.
  • First, LinguaLeo offers users a placement test to determine their language skill level.
  • To enroll in this course, students must pass a placement test, which measures critical reading and writing skills.
  • Students are then given the opportunity to take their English and Math placement tests at Valley.
  • Upon completion of the 9th grade, students must pass the College Placement Test.
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