Placement courses

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  • The district offers basic and advanced placement courses in several subject areas.
  • Like most large high schools, Johnson includes a range of special education and advanced placement courses.
  • Advanced Placement courses are offered in a wide variety of subject areas.
  • Advanced Placement courses are offered in many subjects for high school students.
  • Advanced placement courses are offered in all major subject areas.
  • This Advanced Placement course is the equivalent to a first year university level computer science course.
  • Advanced Placement courses were available once the student was at least a Junior.
  • However each student can take at most seven advanced placement courses during their stay at MHS.
  • All students take honor classes or classes on higher levels, and some takes Advanced Placement courses.
  • Advanced placement courses in language, science, mathematics, art, music, and social studies are also available.
  • In addition to these programs, the school offers several Advanced Placement courses.
  • Several instructional courses provide advanced placement courses, where a majority of students take at least one course.
  • The school also offers a number of advanced placement courses.
  • A wide range of Advanced Placement courses are offered at the school.
  • Allows for students to take more Advanced Placement courses, putting them ahead when they enter college.
  • The school offers numerous advanced placement courses and was a pioneer in distance learning at the high school level.
  • This will give students the opportunity to take Advanced Placement courses.
  • If a student takes Advanced Placement course, he/she can test out of college courses they will need post high school.
  • Students also have the opportunity to choose from a large number of Advanced Placement courses.
  • Advanced placement courses and foreign languages are offered through the virtual academy.
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