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  • Because the school has such a great reputation, placements are hard to find.
  • Typically, placement awards are given out for each group size and style.
  • Students also spend time on work experience placements and doing work in the local community.
  • Some placements may allow for part-time work and are indicated as such.
  • A series of school placements take place during the course in order to build practical experience.
  • High quality placements are a key to the success of a service-learning program.
  • Placements are not allowed during children's, news, public affairs and religious programs.
  • In some cases, parents and students protest the students' placement into special education programs.
  • Students often share their experiences on the internet, and good placements become well-known.
  • Germany have finished second four times and third five times, for a total of eleven top three placements.
  • The placement of the child is usually arranged through the government or a social-service agency.
  • They will also be able to find different work placements.
  • The placement and design of buildings may also be affected by the land on which they are placed.
  • On- or off-campus placements are conducted to provide job experience for the students.
  • Teams will then advance to the second round, and from there to the placement and medal games.
  • Individual placements are placed with local schools, community-based organizations and government agencies.
  • Each program offers specific conditions that a student must meet in order to participate in his or her placement.
  • Different animals have different fields of view, depending on the placement of the eyes.
  • In addition some species have been moved into existing families or have not yet had their placement fully resolved.
  • This change made gameplay throughout each stage generally similar, aside from wall placements.
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Meaning of placement

  • noun The spatial property of the way in which something is placed
    the arrangement of the furniture, the placement of the chairs
  • noun Contact established between applicants and prospective employees
    the agency provided placement services
  • noun The act of putting something in a certain place