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  • Info Pity means feeling for others, particularly feelings of sadness or sorrow, and is used in a comparable sense to the more modern words "sympathy" and "empathy". more...
  • It is a pity we do not know how she took such things.
  • I saw him lying there and thought what a pity it all was.
  • All of this while being looked at with pity by her family.
  • Could you have then looked into his heart, you would have pitied him. Cited from Small Means and Great Ends, Edited by Mrs. M. H. Adams
  • Miles told her she was only interested in him out of pity.
  • She even found herself pitying the man, though she did not know why. Cited from The Guests Of Hercules, by C. N. Williamson and A. M. Williamson
  • He knew well what she meant by pitying her for what she had got. Cited from The Claverings, by Anthony Trollope
  • I've pitied the poor girl who gave up her home for me. Cited from The Victim, by Thomas Dixon
  • I wonder whether she ever pities herself for the love she threw away? Cited from The Vicissitudes of Bessie Fairfax, by Harriet Parr (AKA Holme Lee)
  • Taking pity on the girl, he takes her to his home.
  • He said nothing, but he looked at her with a pitying look sometimes. Cited from Beth Woodburn, by Maud Petitt
  • He read in her face the fear of death, and he pitied her. Cited from Marzio's Crucifix and Zoroaster, by F. Marion Crawford
  • If he had been nothing to her she would have pitied him. Cited from The Emigrant Trail, by Geraldine Bonner
  • The band takes pity on the girl and allows her to join.
  • Little did he dream that he was the child whom he was pitying. Cited from After Long Years, Trans. S. A. Miller/A. M. Dunne
  • He felt pity for the little creature and gave it some food.
  • I was no longer a hard case with those pitying, understanding eyes upon me. Cited from The Blood Ship, by Norman Springer
  • People looked on her with a pitying eye, but no one came up to her. Cited from The Golden Grasshopper, by W.H.G. Kingston
  • He knew that if he wanted to be a writer, he had to break away from self-pity.
  • If, through pitying that girl, you ever come to love her, you are lost. Cited from The Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 6, No. 34, August, 1860, by Various
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Meaning of pity

  • noun An unfortunate development
    it's a pity he couldn't do it