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  • The station was out of service for six months while all the steam piping was replaced.
  • He trained to become a teacher but also started to perform songs and piping.
  • If there is a bit of non white piping just at the shoulder.
  • And two piping voices of the director's children sound in the film.
  • As a result of their piping influence, they place a very high value on the pipe march.
  • The days of the factory or office building piping in background music were over.
  • He began incorporating machine parts, pieces of wood and industrial piping into his works.
  • The piping is filled with air below the water supply pressure.
  • The side hat of the Officers is navy with a red top and silver piping.
  • An automatic water supply provides water under pressure to the system piping.
  • The water was then moved through piping to the desired location.
  • Piping is most common when there is more than one queen in a hive.
  • Under this system, two completely separate water piping systems are used to deliver water to the user.
  • In addition, oil companies have buried piping under the ground but not covered it sufficiently.
  • For example, the C shell could not support piping between control structures.
  • Operation - Water is not present in the piping until the system operates.
  • The piping feature has since been mitigated and plans to develop on the site have been proposed.
  • The piping between the tanks was connected so that all could be filled from a single tank.
  • Many businesses begin piping the music over their loudspeakers shortly before closing at night.
  • The water system continued to function despite many leaks in its transmission piping.
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Root form of piping is pip for the verb.

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Meaning of piping

  • noun A thin strip of covered cord used to edge hems
  • noun Playing a pipe or the bagpipes
  • adverb (used of heat) extremely
    the casserole was piping hot