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  • I could see the pilot's face as he looked back at me.
  • The project started with a pilot which included just one drop-off point.
  • He became a test pilot and worked for an aircraft equipment company.
  • This series consists of a two-hour pilot and seven seasons of episodes.
  • B and D-models add a second seat behind the pilot for training.
  • The pilot was intended to be turned into a series of episodes.
  • The pilot project was extremely successful and drew interest from across the country and Europe.
  • This list includes a number of pilots not subsequently made into series.
  • She was allowed to continue her flight to London on the pilot's authority.
  • She was allowed to continue her flight to London on the pilot's authority.
  • At war's end, she was returned to the pilot's association.
  • It was also around this time that he received a pilot's license.
  • It should be noted that this was a small pilot study and other similar studies did not show much effect.
  • He then finally got his chance at pilot's training.
  • The movie was intended to be a pilot for a possible weekly series.
  • This resulted in a low-wing aircraft with six seats including the pilot's.
  • The first book featured a short text story based on the pilot episode of the TV series.
  • The pilot's position was fully exposed at the front of the aircraft.
  • One chemical process has been demonstrated to pilot plant stage but not used.
  • It was also possible to allow for a pilot's gun.
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Meaning of pilot

  • noun Someone who is licensed to operate an aircraft in flight
  • noun A person qualified to guide ships through difficult waters going into or out of a harbor