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  • He was physically sick before the match, as he would be before any big game.
  • However, they soon discovered that they only controlled the territory their columns physically occupied.
  • This allows for more memory to be used than physically available in primary storage.
  • In training, it is necessary to practice this perfect motion outside of doing it physically.
  • If they cannot be broken down, they must be physically removed by a surgeon.
  • Above-ground plant includes all the telecommunications equipment physically located on or above the ground.
  • Only a few miles of the county is physically connected by land to the rest of the Republic.
  • Even those who could not physically be there joined him through meditation.
  • A person would use them when pointing to an object physically farther away from themselves.
  • Under the Charter, people physically present in Canada have numerous civil and political rights.
  • They were also called on to physically defend their villages and towns from enemy attacks.
  • Thousands were also physically disabled for life and left with very limited help from the government.
  • The first way was to physically cross a p-type wire over an n-type wire.
  • "Women do not often attack men physically, while men do occasionally beat their wives."
  • This is an association of stars that share a common motion through space and have been claimed to be physically associated.
  • Making eggs is a huge cost to her physically, since they amount to about a third of her body weight.
  • They also mature in around two years before they are physically capable of breeding.
  • He suffered a stroke and was so physically reduced that he could not participate.
  • Arthritis makes it very difficult for individuals to be physically active and some become home bound.
  • While Elizabeth declined physically with age, her running of the country continued to benefit her people.
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  • adverb In accord with physical laws
    it is physically impossible