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  • The phylogenetic tree shown below is based on the results of several studies.
  • Most of those that have been are included in the following phylogenetic tree.
  • In general there are two different data types that are used in the construction of a phylogenetic tree.
  • The following phylogenetic tree was made by combining parts of three different trees.
  • It can also be used to determine phylogenetic relationships between closely related species.
  • The modern development of this idea is called the phylogenetic tree.
  • The term "sister group" is always used in relationship to a phylogenetic analysis.
  • The phylogenetic tree shown below is based on the results of four phylogenetic studies.
  • Although most of them focus on sequence data, some of them include phylogenetic or functional information.
  • The order is divided into suprafamilial groups as shown on the phylogenetic tree below.
  • There have been a number of efforts to address phylogenetic studies.
  • However, phylogenetic relationships are currently under study and this genus may eventually be relocated.
  • The wide variety of alkaloids found in these species have allowed their use in phylogenetic studies of the genus.
  • So far little work has been done on detailed phylogenetic relationships between the various taxa.
  • This group is supported by several recent phylogenetic studies.
  • However, phylogenetic analysis has shown neither of these species can be referred to Metriorhynchus.
  • They are found in several different phylogenetic lines.
  • It is generally taken to mean a side branch splitting off earlier on the phylogenetic tree than the group in question.
  • Bird classification and phylogenetic analysis is still under debate and requires more research.
  • There has only been limited phylogenetic study of this subfamily, and several issues still need to be resolved.
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Synonyms of phylogenetic

Meaning of phylogenetic

  • adjective Of or relating to the evolutionary development of organisms
    phylogenetic development