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  • She has written children's stories that she has illustrated photographically.
  • He realized his love for photography after he began photographically documenting his own performance art pieces.
  • It allowed for a fine line appearance that could be photographically reduced for reproduction without losing quality.
  • Unique Photo has a highly photographically-trained sales staff and offers free technical support.
  • An attempt to document this mark photographically was made, but turned out unsuccessful.
  • The bullet time effect was originally achieved photographically by a set of still cameras surrounding the subject.
  • His "uncle" would enlarged them for him photographically so he could laboriously copy them.
  • The clay-painting process has also been used as a background, photographically combined with other forms of animation, and even live action.
  • They help to promote Hinckley photographically through beautiful images of the town's best places, characters and events.
  • The artwork is later photographically reduced in size during the printing process.
  • Many cases were monitored, photographically and electronically, but little significant evidence was obtained in twenty years of its use.
  • He contributed to fifty photographically illustrated guides to plants and similar works.
  • Stills taken from his video works are also printed and exhibited photographically.
  • In the early 1930s, he moved to the writing of photographically-illustrated landscape and cultural heritage books.
  • It remained the standard process for photographically illustrating books, magazines and newspapers during the next eighty years.
  • Journalists documented everything photographically to leave no room for doubt.
  • Henry Fielding (who died in the town) has photographically described for all times its gay, sensuous life. Cited from The Romance of Old New England Rooftrees, by Mary Caroline Crawford
  • There was impressed photographically on his consciousness the great industry. Cited from Women in Love, by D.H. Lawrence
  • The town, along with others, has been well documented photographically by Francis Frith.
  • Attempts were made to record the transits of a star photographically.
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  • adverb By photographic means
    photographically recorded scenes