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  • Small scale model aircraft offer increased photographic access to these previously restricted areas.
  • This is the only known photographic record of the species in life.
  • She uses black-and-white photographic film in natural light.
  • She uses black-and-white photographic film in natural light.
  • Throughout her life, Miller did very little to promote her own photographic work.
  • This program included several types of satellite which used a different photographic method.
  • The completed model could be supported at one of five possible points as each photographic angle required.
  • All photographic negatives were returned to him within six months for his own use.
  • Only a fairly complete photographic record of their past existence remains.
  • Other security restrictions include that any photographic equipment brought to the island must be declared.
  • The result is an image having very similar colours as the original using a black & white photographic process.
  • He used a paper photographic process similar to the one he developed to take pictures for the Commission.
  • The awards cover all media including print, television, radio, photographic and online media.
  • He had a photographic memory that few, if any, of his colleagues could match.
  • Her photographic work often includes panels of text of her own writing.
  • It is occasionally used on service cars as part of special events period, primarily for photographic purposes.
  • She had been unable to find a university position and was working at a photographic company before joining the project.
  • According to many accounts he was said to have a photographic memory.
  • He started making objects and developed unique mechanical and photographic methods of making images.
  • Photographic evidence of such executions exists, though some of it has never been made public.
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  • adjective Relating to photography or obtained by using photography
    photographic equipment