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  • In first generation seed orchards, the parents usually are phenotypically-selected trees.
  • While Earle is phenotypically black, he is quite assimilated into white culture.
  • In addition, small deletions within this region of the chromosome have been found in phenotypically normal individuals.
  • A cell type is a classification used to distinguish between morphologically or phenotypically distinct cell forms within a species.
  • Females prefer phenotypically bright colored males that are usually orange, red, yellow, or blue.
  • One possible method of kin selection is based on genetic cues that can be recognized phenotypically.
  • Additionally, they phenotypically diverse and include not only acidophiles, but also many non-acidophiles.
  • The piglets were born phenotypically normal but became more and more symptomatic as they reached maturity.
  • While phenotypically horse-like, they are commonly called "ponies".
  • Although small, they are morphologically and phenotypically horse-like, and were originally referred to as "miniature horses".
  • Across its geographic range, this species varies greatly phenotypically.
  • However, mutations which are subtle in humans could also have subtle effects phenotypically.
  • These phenotypically plastic traits serve as an induced defence against these predators.
  • All affected individuals are phenotypically female; they develop a normal female habitus, despite the presence of a Y chromosome.
  • Multiline varieties are mixtures of several phenotypically similar pure lines which each have different genes for disease resistance.
  • It is often difficult to differentiate between the two genera; in fact, some species across the genera are phenotypically identical.
  • Phenotypically Burghers can have skin ranging from light to darker, depending on their ancestors, even within the same family.
  • Genetic compensation may play a role in speciation by creating genetic incompatibilities between phenotypically similar populations within a species.
  • In addition, the three original species were phenotypically difficult to distinguish due to different carbohydrate fermentation patterns among strains of the same species.
  • Recently, genetic studies have shown that the bushbuck is, in fact, a complex of two geographically and phenotypically distinct species.
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