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  • I kept petting her so much that she soon allowed me to approach her. Cited from The Life of Hon. William F. Cody, by William F. Cody
  • They give more love to their pets than they give to people.
  • State officials at the time said they believed it was a released pet.
  • Poor care can cause a pet to die, but it can also die of old age.
  • They generally get along well with children, as well as other pets.
  • People love to be petted, at least some people do -- you know they do. Cited from Twelve Men, by Theodore Dreiser
  • They get along with children, so they make good family pets.
  • However, human interest in building houses for animals does not stop at the domestic pet.
  • This makes them good family pets, and most can also get along well with animals of other species.
  • For ten years they were both of them petted children of the Church. Cited from Mont-Saint-Michel And Chartres, Henry Adams
  • She has been petted all her life by society, and its cold shoulder will kill her. Cited from The Desired Woman, by Will N. Harben
  • He does not find out they are his pets at first.
  • Their father had pet names for all his family members.
  • She would rather they were more like pets and made her own costumes.
  • She petted them, as I may say, and made the most of them. Cited from David Copperfield, by Charles Dickens
  • And when you were well again, you cannot think how glad he was and how he petted you. Cited from The Works of Guy de Maupassant, Volume VIII., by Guy de Maupassant
  • He kept them as pets and treated them like his children.
  • A delicate child, he grew up as the pet of his family and friends.
  • The pet goes through several distinct stages of development throughout its life cycle.
  • Pets grow from fighting, and they can be changed by various means.
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Meaning of pet

  • noun A domesticated animal kept for companionship or amusement
  • noun A fit of petulance or sulkiness (especially at what is felt to be a slight)
  • verb Stroke or caress gently
    pet the lamb
  • verb Stroke or caress in an erotic manner, as during lovemaking