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  • Frederick frequently led his military forces personally and had six horses shot from under him during battle.
  • There's less time and focus on where we are and how we can grow personally.
  • He got on with critics personally as long as they praised his work.
  • So I will finally personally meet you and your wife.
  • With his permission she signed all documents of state affairs except those written to him personally.
  • It proved to be almost the only measure introduced by his government in which he personally interested himself.
  • He personally annotated many books and wrote and published one of his own.
  • In the afternoon, she would personally answer all the fan mail she received.
  • Later it has been a tradition to name all male members of the Imperial family personally this way.
  • According to this account, individuals who together collectively believe something need not personally believe it themselves.
  • Smith does not personally record on it, but he stated the label was driven by the artists.
  • But I know that from people around him personally, my partner who was his assistant for thirty years.
  • He personally asked favours to some world leaders to support his world cup bid.
  • In combination with products from the entertainment industry, all the traditional forms of entertainment became available personally.
  • Upon going to their chambers personally, he found them all abandoned.
  • Philip at first did not personally support it because of his conflict with Urban II.
  • It was a personal army that the emperor was allowed to use personally on campaigns.
  • He spent the next three years personally supervising the progress of the railroad.
  • The first statement also claimed that the flight captain personally determined that Smith was too large to fly.
  • They may be personally affiliated with a political party but this has no bearing on the office.
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Meaning of personally

  • adverb As yourself
    speaking personally, I would not want to go
  • adverb As a person
    he is personally repulsive
  • adverb In a personal way
    he took her comments personally
  • adverb In the flesh; without involving anyone else
    I went there personally, he appeared in person
  • adverb Concerning the speaker
    personally, I find him stupid