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  • All in all, the effort on different levels lead to change that can perpetrate to all levels.
  • He added that those who perpetrated the attacks would be brought to "justice."
  • We perpetrate them because we feel that we should not. Cited from The Works of Edgar Allan Poe V2[Raven Edition]
  • Most of this is minor in nature and are perpetrated by the students involved in the games.
  • However, he said most of it is being perpetrated and committed on private property in our own homes.
  • She was now anxious to perpetrate another on her own account. Cited from Memoirs of Popular Delusions V2, by Charles MacKay
  • You shall not find me less ready to repair, than to perpetrate, this injury. Cited from Arthur Mervyn, by Charles Brockden Brown
  • This resulted in even more damage than that perpetrated by the Japanese after they had captured the city.
  • One dreams of such things but they do not perpetrate them. Cited from The Mystery of the Hasty Arrow, by Anna Katharine Green
  • They list several reasons how and why men perpetrate the spread of AIDS.
  • On one hand, she perpetrated genocide along with the rest of her kind.
  • In a word, what vice and crime does he perpetrate -- what low acts does he commit? Cited from The Romany Rye, by George Borrow
  • As he was about to perpetrate this unworthy action, he looked towards the bed. Cited from Old Saint Paul's, by William Harrison Ainsworth
  • It was one of the worst ever yet perpetrated in the state.
  • They then sold these numbers to other people, who used them to perpetrate massive credit card fraud.
  • We have to see he perpetrates no further crime. Cited from Lloyd George, by Frank Dilnot
  • While the majority of men are not violent, the majority of reported violence is perpetrated by men.
  • Millions of men are joined together to perpetrate wrong while believing that they are right? Cited from Who Goes There?, by Blackwood Ketcham Benson
  • Some results of the laws have proved encouraging, allowing many women to now report violence perpetrated against them.
  • Living in a monastery, he wants no more of the violent actions he perpetrated.
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Meaning of perpetrate

  • verb Perform an act, usually with a negative connotation
    perpetrate a crime, pull a bank robbery