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  • If he returned, she was not required or even permitted to return to him.
  • Eventually her father gave up and permitted her to live as she pleased.
  • She was finally permitted to return to her home village after her husband took a second wife.
  • Pieces are generally not permitted to move through a point occupied by another piece.
  • He was subsequently arrested despite having a public performance permit in his possession.
  • Only a single, central tower was permitted, and that was to be very low.
  • I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
  • He was also given some capital and permitted to trade.
  • However, administration by other routes is permitted in other areas of the hospital.
  • The hull form is designed to permit high speed in high sea states.
  • Residents were not allowed to return home without a permit and most did not return until after the war.
  • Martin indicated he would not permit another writer to finish the book series.
  • Some telephone systems only permit one third-party connection at a time.
  • The course is open throughout the year, from early morning until after dark, weather permitting.
  • They were given a red card which was a permit to work.
  • It was permitted by law only if there was already half-proof against the accused.
  • The presidential period is five years, and re-election is not permitted.
  • No more than eighteen players of each team are permitted to be on the field at any time.
  • A black tail ring where the color changes from orange-red to white is permitted.
  • It has also led the county in residential construction permits for the past five years.
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Meaning of permit

  • noun Large game fish; found in waters of the west indies
  • verb Consent to, give permission
    She permitted her son to visit her estranged husband, I won't let the police search her basement, I cannot allow you to see your exam