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  • Building a castle sometimes required the permission of the king or other high authority.
  • A husband does not have to have permission from his first wife.
  • He had asked the security guard for permission to cross the school grounds.
  • He finally got the permission to develop it six months later.
  • There is no base and no one gives permission to talk.
  • In most cases, permission to appeal must first be obtained from the court.
  • A governor could take various actions without permission from the imperial court.
  • He asked for permission to sing a last song to win time.
  • They granted him permission to become a member of the Society afterwards.
  • He made three attempts to land but was refused permission to do so by the inhabitants.
  • They received permission from their father to make the flight.
  • If women are present, it is they who might grant the men permission to smoke.
  • His book was condemned by the royal government because it had been published without royal permission.
  • I have never given them authority to grant any permissions of the kind. Cited from The Teacher, by Jacob Abbott
  • He gave them land to live on and permission to worship as they pleased.
  • He could not however, gain permission to publish it until five years later.
  • Permission must first be granted by them before anyone may visit.
  • The letters gave the ships "permission" to attack ships from all nations.
  • Only a restricted production-permission was still possible and allowed by the US military government.
  • She refuses to leave with him unless her husband gives her permission.
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Meaning of permission

  • noun Approval to do something
    he asked permission to leave