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  • Ice will form in water-permeable rock in much the same way as it forms in soil.
  • In the natural sciences an open system is one whose border is permeable to both energy and mass.
  • As canvas is more permeable than paper, these two last processes are quickly got through. Cited from Scientific American Supplement, No. 315, January 14, 1882, by Various
  • These mulch films may be a bit more permeable allowing more water into the soil.
  • In other words, they can be permeable to certain substances but not to others.
  • There has been some success with the use of highly permeable extended-wear contact lenses worn only during sleep.
  • Films designed with these properties are called permeable films.
  • Both types of rock are water-permeable, resulting in numerous springs.
  • The soil is highly permeable, resulting in little surface water.
  • The parking area also has a permeable surface allowing for absorption of run-off.
  • This is accomplished through the use of closed cell foam, or other non-permeable material.
  • Rather, fairly permeable classes based on wealth and political influence existed both in the cities and in the villages.
  • The case of a wall that is permeable to matter and can move so as to allow transfer of energy as work is not considered here.
  • For example, seeds can become more permeable to water after passage through an animal's gut.
  • Permeable pavements may give urban trees the rooting space they need to grow to full size.
  • They may be permeable only to mechanical work, or only to heat, or only to some particular chemical substance.
  • Questions about the relationship between technology and nature run through the novel; also the permeable boundaries between reality and fantasy.
  • When the surface is made permeable to moisture, drying may take place rapidly. Cited from Handwork in Wood, by William Noyes
  • These materials are permeable and allow water to drain through the backing itself.
  • By the 19th century it was accepted that some form of semi-permeable barrier must exist around a cell.
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Meaning of permeable

  • adjective Allowing fluids or gases to pass or diffuse through
    permeable membranes, rock that is permeable by water