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  • Info Permanently is the third studio album by American country music singer Mark Wills.
  • This group has a relatively large centre where a teacher and some students live permanently.
  • At that time there were only about four families permanently settled in the area.
  • At the time, title to the horses remained permanently with the federal government.
  • Fifty-six of these men lost their lives, and many more were permanently injured.
  • Later that year, it was permanently moved to a spot next to the steps.
  • Thus both locations came permanently under the influence of the Western church.
  • He later admitted that he feared he would be permanently replaced during his illness.
  • It would be another fourteen years before he would return to settle permanently.
  • As a result, he broke records and permanently changed the world-wide approach to high jump.
  • By the time they reached a doctor a week later, she had become permanently blind in that eye.
  • I believe this government cannot endure permanently half slave and half free.
  • The process took a century and was never permanently effective.
  • The prison forces her to permanently give the child up for adoption.
  • While they were not the first baseball team to do this, they were one of the first to do this permanently.
  • In the long run, the weapon could make the user permanently hard of hearing.
  • People sometimes relocate from one country to another, either permanently or on a limited-time basis.
  • This energy is not obviously transferred to any other system, so seems to be permanently lost.
  • Some of these side effects may continue long after the cessation of drug use, or even permanently.
  • Its value as a licence to enter the stadium on a particular day has been permanently lost.
  • He fell out with his mother, which contributed to his decision to settle permanently in Paris.
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  • adverb For a long time without essential change
    he is permanently disabled