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  • Non-perishables are available to assist young service members and their families during times of need.
  • The goods are not just simple perishables like food, energy, and light building materials.
  • However, he was able to safely store perishables for the first time in his life.
  • No perishables or any food packaged in glass are allowed for either category.
  • The structure has been preserving perishables and watering plants and people for more than two centuries.
  • There was little refrigeration in those days, and perishables were difficult to keep.
  • Here they worked passenger and fast perishables trains until they were withdrawn in 1936.
  • Therefore, women create only perishables, but men's advancements will be acknowledged forever.
  • They were greatly improved by new techniques in preserving food and other perishables, and in transport by railroad.
  • It was very modern and offered customers the opportunity to purchase their dry goods and perishables under one roof; a new concept at that time.
  • He rejects the standard materials of an artist in favor of perishables.
  • He also continues to analyze prehistoric plant fiber perishables from throughout the world.
  • Weekly markets selling perishables like fish and vegetables are often seen on Sundays in and around the central market.
  • The final ship was used only for transporting perishables.
  • As part of their membership agreement, members cannot store perishables and illegal substances in the lockers.
  • Until the mid-1960s, the demand for food was largely for non-perishables, both canned and dehydrated.
  • The terminal features an on-dock state-of-the-art square foot cold storage facility warehousing a variety of fresh produce and other perishables.
  • Perishables could not be loaned for use, unless they were to be used for display purposes only, or a small number of other exceptions.
  • The port itself claims the ranking of the #1 perishables port in the United States.
  • During the wet season, fresh foods and perishables are flown into the community each week on charter planes by stores in town.
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Root form of perishables is perishable for the noun.

Meaning of perishables

  • noun Food that will decay rapidly if not refrigerated