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  • The operating system was acting as the first object and the peripheral as the second one.
  • The two systems were also known as central defence and peripheral defence.
  • The main committee rooms are located at level two in one of the peripheral blocks.
  • However, the strength of the argument matters less when the peripheral route is chosen.
  • As such, new peripherals were produced available to allow players to access these modes.
  • Indeed, the very first program may very well run for hours without needing access to a peripheral.
  • The system also has a large number of controllers and third-party peripherals.
  • The company also markets its products under the Series A range of peripherals.
  • Peripheral vision is affected first, but eventually the entire vision will be lost if not treated.
  • Its coverage of games created by other companies is often peripheral.
  • The Roman city quarter was a peripheral part of the former civilian city.
  • Despite what would appear a full recovery; he lost his peripheral vision on the left side of both eyes.
  • The light gun itself was the first peripheral for a video game console.
  • Men are important for their earning ability, but their domestic role is relatively peripheral.
  • This has led to the introduction of bus systems designed specifically to support multiple peripherals.
  • The timber industry also created large peripheral industries, the most important of these being agriculture.
  • This is because the peripheral device is usually much slower than main memory.
  • He had suffered from peripheral vascular disease in the months prior to his death.
  • It may also give access to a different address space, to memory management hardware and to other peripherals.
  • There can be any number of hosts and peripheral devices but there should be at least one host.
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Meaning of peripheral

  • noun (computer science) electronic equipment connected by cable to the cpu of a computer
    disk drives and printers are important peripherals
  • adjective On or near an edge or constituting an outer boundary; the outer area
    Russia's peripheral provinces, peripheral suburbs