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  • His best-known works have been recorded by performers from many countries.
  • Performers may know only one song, or may know an extensive library of songs.
  • He would use similar methods with his performers throughout his career.
  • The history of Canadian media performers goes back to the first days of radio.
  • He was a full-time performer for the rest of the show's run.
  • The direct-to-video film was based heavily on his own life as a performer.
  • He was considered a first-rate performer of his own work.
  • At the end of the process, it makes the performers actually own the music.
  • In basketball, he was a third-team all-state performer as a senior.
  • In some cases performers subsequently adopt their stage name as their legal name.
  • The award is usually given late in a performer's career after they have long established themselves.
  • He was an all-state performer for the high school basketball team in his junior year.
  • Among the audience were many children, who were seeing the performers for the first time.
  • The film added more characters, whereas the play featured only two performers.
  • She soon became the opening singer for a hotel performer's act.
  • They opened for various well-known performers during shows and also did background singing for recording artists.
  • The performer's feet return to the ground, and the effect is complete.
  • The performer's feet return to the ground, and the effect is complete.
  • As the festival's first performer, he held the crowd for nearly three hours.
  • He was also named a first team all-conference performer for the second year in a row.
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Meaning of performer

  • noun An entertainer who performs a dramatic or musical work for an audience