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  • It is perfectly located near the beach as well as the centre of town.
  • He seemed perfectly self-possessed, but the voice was not quite his own. Cited from In the Year of Jubilee, by George Gissing
  • The seat worked perfectly, but the aircraft was lost, and never found.
  • The old mother alone was perfectly self-possessed and up to the occasion. Cited from Kenelm Chillingly, E. B. Lytton, Book 7
  • Their eyes are pale white, and they can see perfectly well in both darkness and light.
  • The stones are cut on every side and end so as to fit perfectly together.
  • I did not imagine that one so perfectly self-possessed could look like that. Cited from The Crimson Blind, by Fred M. White
  • The rest of the equipment was brought in for the special showing which went perfectly.
  • Let me make this very simple and perfectly clear.
  • The king is perfectly free from all human control.
  • He never done anything if he couldn't do it perfectly.
  • An example is a view where one is standing facing north towards a road which runs perfectly east-west.
  • Some animals stand perfectly still so that predators will not see them.
  • He glanced at his brother and saw that he was perfectly self-possessed. Cited from The Children of the King, by F. Marion Crawford
  • He came in after a minute perfectly self-possessed, leading a young woman who took your breath away. Cited from The Lion of Petra, by Talbot Mundy
  • Both of these products are perfectly fine in the environment.
  • A perfectly equal income distribution would be one in which every person has the same income.
  • On the other hand, a perfectly black interface is not found in nature.
  • God, therefore, is never caught off-guard by any event which comes to pass, but is perfectly prepared.
  • Her eyes were brilliant, otherwise she seemed a woman perfectly self-possessed. Cited from The Last Trail, by Zane Grey
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Meaning of perfectly

  • adverb In a perfect or faultless way
    She performed perfectly on the balance beam, spoke English perfectly, solved the problem perfectly