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  • Like his mother, he remained to the end of his life perennially young in appearance and spirits. Cited from Robert Louis Stevenson, by E. Blantyre Simpson
  • They lie side by side, and water flows perennially through each of them. Cited from Draining for Profit: and Draining for Health, by George E. Waring
  • Despite his gray hair and white beard, his mind was perennially young. Cited from Craftsmanship in Teaching, by William Chandler Bagley
  • A natural sweet water spring is flowing perennially by the site of this site.
  • He played a character who was perennially on leave, thus earning him his nickname.
  • The large amount of perennially available water allows wild animals and birds to flourish.
  • The golf team is perennially one of the best in the county.
  • Consequently, they are perennially warring and killing one another because they believe the other has no right to exist.
  • The students in Detroit's public schools perennially score at the bottom compared to other large urban school systems.
  • The two teams were perennially near the top of the Big Ten standings.
  • How familiar all this is, and yet how perennially wonderful! Cited from A Librarian's Open Shelf, by Arthur E. Bostwick
  • The vine can become semiwoody if left to grow perennially, although most commercial plants are annual.
  • Her contribution to letters, to statesmanship, and to active business life, will keep her memory perennially green. Cited from Negro Race in America from 1619 to 1880, by George Washington Williams
  • Honda perennially occupying one of these spots makes their challenge even more difficult.
  • Preferred locations may be adopted perennially, often on high ground.
  • The Journal is perennially ranked among the top five environmental law journals in the country.
  • Perennially unfashionable in high art circles, his work was nevertheless popular with the public.
  • Address the perennially neglected question of what primary education is for.
  • The park has several small waterfalls, some of which flow perennially.
  • Under the school colors of green and white, Wachusett fields many perennially competitive sports teams.
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Meaning of perennially

  • adverb In a perennial manner; repeatedly
    We want to know what is perennially new about the world