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  • Perchlorates can also be made in this way. Cited from The Project Gutenberg Encyclopedia Volume 1 of 28
  • Most pyrotechnic applications which formerly used chlorates in the past now use the more stable perchlorates instead.
  • The presence of perchlorates in the sample seems highly likely.
  • In a related but smaller application, perchlorates are used extensively within the pyrotechnics industry and in certain munitions and for the manufacture of matches.
  • However, chronic exposure to perchlorates, even in low concentrations, has been shown to cause various thyroid problems, as it is taken up in place of iodine.
  • Like similar covalent fluorides and perchlorates, it needs to be handled with extreme caution.
  • The results reported indicate that the perchlorates discovered by the Phoenix Lander would not rule out the possible presence of methanogens on Mars.
  • Potassium perchlorate and other metal perchlorates generate smoke as the metal chlorides are solid materials creating aerosols of their particles.
  • Many pyrotechnic compositions - especially involving aluminium and perchlorates - are often highly sensitive to friction, impact, and static electricity.
  • The salts formed from perchlorates discovered at the Phoenix landing site act as "anti-freeze" and will substantially lower the freezing point of water.
  • Like all perchlorates, it is a strong oxidant and may react violently with reducing agents and organic materials, especially at elevated temperatures.
  • On Earth, nitrates correlate with perchlorates in desert environments, and this may also be true on Mars.
  • It has both the highest oxygen to weight and oxygen to volume ratio of all perchlorates, except beryllium diperchlorate, which is expensive and highly toxic.
  • It is an oxidizing agent, as are all perchlorates.
  • Perchlorates, chlorates and nitrates are the most commonly used oxidizers for flash powders.
  • Of all perchlorates, nitronium perchlorate is the most powerful oxidizer.
  • It is used as desiccant to dry gas or air samples, but is no longer advised, for use as a general desiccant, due to hazards inherent in perchlorates.
  • As for drinking water quality, there are concerns about disinfection by-products, lead, perchlorates and pharmaceutical substances, but generally drinking water quality in the U.S. is good.
  • These complexes are the predominant species in aqueous solutions of many metal salts, such as metal nitrates, sulfates, and perchlorates.
  • Perchlorates in ground water in Henderson and associated runoff into the Las Vegas Wash has been a concern since 1997.
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Root form of perchlorates is perchlorate for the noun.

Meaning of perchlorates

  • noun A salt of perchloric acid