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  • Children extended labels to two perceptually similar animals more often than when they were dissimilar.
  • However, while the actual time may be only approximately equal, the differences are perceptually identical.
  • We know the inner movements of our spirit only perceptually. Cited from A Pluralistic Universe, by William James
  • Pictures are perceptually more distinct from one another than are words, thus increasing their chance for retrieval.
  • In this paper, he provides two models for perceptually uniform color spaces.
  • Perceptually uniform means that a change of the same amount in a color value should produce a change of about the same visual importance.
  • These colors are perceptually impossible and suggest an opponent relationship between red and green, and blue and yellow.
  • Perceptually linear means that a change of the same amount in a color value should produce a change of about the same visual importance.
  • In other words, one hears the melody first and only then may perceptually divide it up into notes.
  • "I cultivate simply being grateful for what is being presented to me perceptually at that moment."
  • In so doing, he challenged the thinking that particular, perceptually real things could be logically known from general concepts.
  • Their relations are perceptually obvious at a glance, and no sense-verification is necessary. Cited from Pragmatism, by William James
  • These perceptually steady still images are then pieced together to produce a moving picture, similar to a movie projector.
  • The Munsell value has long been used as a perceptually uniform lightness scale.
  • Deficits are largely due to semantics, however many categories are related perceptually as well.
  • However, this inaccuracy is perceptually less important than the image detail, which can now be shown in both the window and the church interior simultaneously.
  • As a result, there is a danger that they will attend to unimportant information merely because it is perceptually compelling.
  • It is perceptually pleasing to divide objects into an even number of symmetrical parts.
  • The disjunction is between appearance and the reality behind the appearance "making itself perceptually manifest to someone."
  • His subjects restored the missing speech sound perceptually without any difficulty and could not accurately identify which phoneme had been disturbed.
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Meaning of perceptually

  • adverb With regard to perception
    this task is perceptually very difficult